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War / Military / Action/Spy73 Videos

Frederick Forsyth collection

Frederick Forsyth collection The Day of the Jackal: The Jackal. A tall, blond Englishman with opaque, gray eyes. A killer at the top of his profession. A man unknown to any secret service in the  world. An assassin with a contract to kill the world’s most heavily guarded man. One  man with a rifle who […]

Vince Flynn collection

Vince Flynn collection American Assassin (Mitch Rapp #1): Vince Flynn’s stunning, explosive thriller #1 New York Times bestseller introduces the young Mitch Rapp on his first assignment, a mission of vengeance that made him a CIA super agent. Two decades after the Cold War, Islamic terrorism is on the rise, and CIA Operations Director Thomas […]

David Morrell collection

David Morrell collection Murder as a Fine Art: Gaslit London is brought to its knees in David Morrell’s brilliant historical thriller. Thomas De Quincey, infamous for his memoir ‘Confessions of an English Opium-Eater’, is the major suspect in a series of ferocious mass murders identical to ones that terrorized London forty-three years earlier. The blueprint […]

Brad Thor collection

Brad Thor collection The Lions of Lucerne On the snow-covered slopes of Utah, the President of the United States has been kidnapped and his Secret Service detail massacred. Only one agent has survived—ex-Navy SEAL Scot Harvath. He doesn’t buy the official line that Middle Eastern terrorists are behind the attack and begins his own campaign […]

Andrew Britton: Ryan Kealey series

Andrew Britton: Ryan Kealey series At thirty-three, Ryan Kealey has achieved more in his military and CIA career than most men can dream of in a lifetime. He’s also seen the worst life has to offer and is lucky to have survived it. But being left alone with his demons is no longer an option. […]

Larry Bond collection

Larry Bond collection Red Phoenix: Violent riots formented by foreign agents are breaking out in South Korea. Seizing the opportunity, North Korea launches a lightning invasion, with heavy Soviet support, whose aim is to unite North and South under Communist rule. The second Korean War has begun and World War III may be imminent. Download […]

Kaylea Cross collection

Kaylea Cross collection Ignited (Titanium Security #1): When her father is murdered by a Taliban cell in the tribal regions of Pakistan, Khalia Patterson reluctantly steps into his shoes to carry on the legacy of Fair Start Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to furthering the education of girls. There she meets Hunter Phillips, the ex-SEAL […]

Geoffrey Jenkins collection

Geoffrey Jenkins collection In 1909, the crack Blue Anchor liner, the Waratah, sinks without trace, or survivors, off the coast of South Africa. In 1967, the Gemsbok, a Viscount airliner of South African Airways disappears in exactly the same place. To some it is merely an uncanny mystery. To others a tragedy. People like Ian […]

Robert Littell collection

Robert Littell collection The company: This impressive doorstopper of a book is like a family historical saga, except that the family is the American intelligence community. It has all the appropriate characters and tracks them over 40 years: a rogue uncle, the Sorcerer, a heavy-drinking chief of the Berlin office in the early Cold War […]

James Rouch: The Zone Series

James Rouch: The Zone Series   IN THE WAR OF THE FUTURE, DEATH IS AS BLOODY AS EVER! Across the hellish strip of Western Europe known as The Zone, super tanks armed with tactical nuclear weapons, lethal chemicals, and fiercely accurate missiles roam the germ-infested terrain. The weapons are sophisticated, the stakes are high, and […]

James W. Huston: Marine One

James W. Huston: Marine One The president rushes across the South Lawn through a pounding thunderstorm to Marine One to fly to Camp David late at night. His advisers plead with him not to fly, but he insists. He has arranged a meeting that only three people in his administration know about. After fighting its […]