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Stephen W. Bennett: Koban series

Stephen W. Bennett: Koban series Quantum gravity theory revealed hidden dimensions that concealed gravity’s strong link to Tachyon Space. Nearly unlimited cheap energy from tachyons led to the creation of Jump Hole technology and faster than light travel to the stars. In two hundred years, humanity had colonized over seven hundred planets in a volume […]

Boyd Morrison collection

Boyd Morrison collection The Ark (Tyler Locke #1): The greatest archaeological discovery in history could mean the end of mankind. Dilara Kenner, an ambitious young archaeologist, must run for her life when an old friend is murdered right in front of her. Before he dies in her arms, he gasps a few cryptic words about […]

James Rouch: The Zone Series

James Rouch: The Zone Series   IN THE WAR OF THE FUTURE, DEATH IS AS BLOODY AS EVER! Across the hellish strip of Western Europe known as The Zone, super tanks armed with tactical nuclear weapons, lethal chemicals, and fiercely accurate missiles roam the germ-infested terrain. The weapons are sophisticated, the stakes are high, and […]

L Ron Hubbard collection

L Ron Hubbard collection Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000: “Nonstop and fast-paced. Every paragraph has a big bang-up adventure.” —Kevin J. Anderson Suspense, thrills, action and adventure. Earth has been dominated for 1,000 years by an alien invader—and man is an endangered species. From the handful of surviving humans a courageous leader […]